2016 Matric Examination Results

The PSCBC would like to applaud the class of 2016- Matric learners, who have passed their National Senior Certificate Examinations, which saw more Learners from Schools in Township and Rural Areas (Quintiles 1,2 and 3) passing.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Educators, Administrators, Parents, and more especially the Students for their hard work throughout not only the Matric year but all the way from the Foundation phase as each phase was vital in ensuring that the students reach the milestones that they have achieved with their results today.

The overall matric pass of 72,5% is a 1,8% improvement from 2015. It is the wish of the PSCBC to see each and every Grade 12 learner pass. A total of 78 886 learners from Quintiles 1, 2 and 3 received Bachelor passes while 72 952 learners in Quintiles 4 and 5 obtained Bachelor passes. The Gauteng and Kwa Zulu Natal Provinces had the highest Bachelor passes while the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces improved on theirs.

The PSCBC would like to further take this opportunity in especially acknowledging the challenging work done by our teachers. Teachers are often faced with challenges such as overcrowded classrooms with education infrastructure shortages and poor facilities. Despite these challenges, our Teachers work many long hours; during early hours of the morning, afternoon, weekends and holiday classes to yield these outstanding results. Teachers, your dedication and commitment to this noble profession is commendable.

Those candidates who were unfortunate to have not passed their exams, we urge you not to despair, use of the opportunity of a second chance given to you in the form of the supplementary examination.

The PSCBC encourages all the 2016 matric students to further their studies through the various accredited academic/higher learning institutions throughout South Africa, so as to In future progress to the world of work in order to make a positive contribution towards South Africa’s economic elevation.

Issued by PSCBC Secretariat

Matric Examinations, 2016

examsThe PSCBC would like to take this opportunity to extend its utmost well wishes to each and every single learner that is going through a period in their educational life thus far that is both very exciting and extremely nerve wrecking, writing their final matric examinations.
We believe that learners will take all that they have learned throughout the course of the years to the exam rooms and do all that they can to represent their families, schools and communities efficiently by sailing through their exams.
To all of the matric learners, this final exam represents a gateway to your future and all is in your hands. Make the best of it, study wisely, work diligently, and apply your minds when writing your exams and you will definitely achieve great success, however do not forget to ensure that you get enough rest as this will optimise your brain functionality resulting in excellent concentration.
Many of you will continue with your tertiary education and many will progress to the world of work, we look forward to the new batch of matriculants that will usher in fresh thoughts and ideas in order to further build our democracy into one of the most progressive nations in the world.
We all look forward to you attaining good results however the Nation will embrace you even though you do not attain your desired results. There is no need to feel rejected or despondent as we are all children of God.

PSCBC Message on World Teachers’ Day, 2016

UNESCO declared the 5 October as World Teachers’ Day.

Elements of education and graduation

World Teachers’ Day represents a significant effort to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation for the vital contribution that teachers make towards education and development across the globe.

In many countries, the quality of education is undermined by a deficit of teachers and added to the challenge of numbers is one of quality, all too often, teachers work without resources or proper training. The stakes are high, because today we face a global learning crisis, with 250 million children not acquiring the basic skills of reading and writing
The PSCBC therefore today joins millions of teacher’s across the globe in celebrating World Teachers Day under the theme; “Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status.” The PSCBC recognises the hard work, commitment and passion of teachers, many of which teach under difficult circumstances.

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60th Anniversary: Women’s Month 2016

womensMonth South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August as a tribute to the thousands of women who marched to the Union Buildings to demonstrate against “pass laws”.

Before the 1950s, only black men were required to carry passes. This gave them permission to be in an urban area. Only people who could find work were given a pass. This allowed the government to control the influx of black men into the cities. The pass law was one of the most hated of the apartheid laws. Men were repeatedly arrested under this law and it had the effect of turning the majority of the population into criminals.

In 1952, the government announced that Black women would also have to carry passes. Women actively resisted this. The idea began in 1955 at a meeting of” Federation of South African Women (FSAW), where a suggestion was made: “Let us go to Pretoria ourselves and protest to the Government against laws that oppress us.”

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